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The gastric balloon procedure is a non-surgical solution to help you lose weight without surgery, pills or diets. It is ideal if you have tried dieting without long term success but you don’t qualify for a surgical procedure or don’t want to resort to a life-changing operation. 
The gastric balloon is implanted for 4, 6 or 12 months (depending on your choice of balloon) after which time it is removed, leaving your stomach and digestive system in tact.
Gastric Balloon Brighton
Unlike a surgical procedure, there are no incisions so no wounds to heal and no scars. Your stomach is not cut or altered in any way so there are no lasting changes to your body and unlike surgery, your recovery is short.
The saline filled balloon occupies a large area in your stomach which means that there is less available space for food. It acts as a built in portion control; restricting the amount of food you eat and giving you a feeling of satisfaction after eating small volumes of food. Whilst the balloon is in place, it helps you to gradually adapt to smaller portion sizes so that when it’s removed you can continue with these new eating habits.
How long it is in place will depend on your choice of Balloon.  We combine this gastric balloon ‘tool’ with our support package for long term success. This support is key to your success as without it, once the balloon is removed, you are likely to revert to old habits and put the weight back on.


If you want a gastric band you can find more information about it here

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